A Love Letter To Argentina.

Dear Argentina,

I’m home sick today, which is part of the reason I’ve spent a lot of time writing drafts for my blog today. I pray every night that one day I will be able to live in your country. I know that one day it will happen and I hope that one day comes faster. You are my biggest happiness and my biggest heartbreak. Happiness because thinking of you makes me forget about the rest of the world and heartbreak because I remember I wasn’t born there. And although I wasn’t born there, I am still from there. Mom and dad always tell me we will go soon but money is tight. I am the proudest American/Argentinian alive and I can assure you that. I tell everyone with such pride and confidence that I come from your country when people ask me where I am from.


I am feeling a little heartbroken at the moment due to Argentina losing La Copa America Final. I can only imagine how the players are feeling. I am sad and I keep thinking about it. I keep thinking about what would’ve happened if we would have won and how we would’ve celebrated. It is a dream of mine to be alive to see Argentina bring home a cup, whether its a World Cup or Copa America Cup. I would love for the whole team to be victorious but in mostly would love to see Messi bring it home because he deserves it the most. The whole country deserves a win because we are the biggest and most passionate supporters out there.


Fuerza Argentina. La hinchada de Argentina es la mas grande de el mundo y  bancamos a la seleccion. Un dia vamos a traer la copa a Argentina. Nadie sabe el dolor como un Argentino porque siempre estamos sufriendo. En las buenas y en las malas, somos Argentina!! Mi corazon siempre va a ser celeste y blanco. Te re amo, Argentina.


-Love Always, Chris ❤

Random Thoughts (Vent/Rant)


It’s a quarter to 9 on a friday night and I am home sitting on the couch in the living room next to my dog, Rocky. Right next to me is someone that I like to call my second mother. A woman who helped my mom raise me. She is Colombian and we are currently watching the Colombia vs. Peru (Copa America Centenario). I notice how every time I glance over at her she is biting on her nails because of the nerves due to the game and I laugh because that is me when Argentina play (AKA will be me tomorrow because Argentina vs. Venezuela) She keeps switching the channels from the game to her novela (soap opera) Anyways, the score is 0-0 and its half time. I think they will go to penalties but who knows. Anyways, as I am sitting down on my couch, creating this post, I realize how truly blessed I am to have what I have. A house. Shelter. A place that protects me. I always complain about small things that later on piss me off when I remember them such as having “nothing good to eat” or “there is nothing to do”. There are people somewhere in this world who literally have no food at all and I am here complaining about not having anything GOOD to eat while there are hundreds of food options in front of me. Or when I am bored I don’t realize that I have a huge family living inside of my household that can entertain me, a computer I can use to write on my blog, a TV I can turn on at whatever time of the day and watch my favorite show,  a backyard with many activities to do, a treadmill I can use to lose weight, etc. The truth is I have to realize all that I have and all my blessings because It can all be gone by tomorrow.2750dfd70bbdd56d17b486bad143ee97-580x580

Of course I am not the wealthiest, BUT I do have everything I want and need and I couldn’t have asked for a better life. I hope one day, people in poor countries won’t have to wonder what it would be like and wish for water, food, clothing or shelter. It breaks my heart to think people live like that. People shouldn’t have to beg for things that we should all have. One day, I hope to travel to a poor country and help out. I feel like that is what should be done. It angers me that people like Donald Trump or Mayor Bloomberg, people who are filthy rich, people who don’t even need half of the money they have, don’t help out people who actually NEED IT.

Anyways, that was my rant/vent of the night.

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Stay happy and beautiful ❤

Feeling a bit homesick! (For all blogs)


I was born and raised in NYC, the capital of the world, how more blessed can i get?!?! Well yes, I got more blessed by having an Argentinian/Uruguayan background. Even though I wasn’t born in Argentina, I consider it my home. My father is Uruguayo (literally right next to Argentina and share all the same customs) and my mother is from Argentina. Sometimes i get jealous that they were born/raised there and I didn’t have the chance to be born or raised there. I love Uruguay as much as I love Argentina, but I feel as if I have a stronger attachment to ARG. I’m not sure why, but I am very emotionally connected to this country. I always catch myself day dreaming about living there and raising my family in Argentina when I get older. I absolutely love everything about Argentina: our people, our food, our accents, our pride, our futbol team, EVERYTHING!!!

It’s confusing to me because I wasn’t born there but I am obsessed with this country. I honestly consider it home and when I think of my future I think about Argentina. As a child, my parents raised us like Argentinian, Uruguayan children and how children would be raised there. As I got older, my love for these countries grew more and more. I have so much pride in where I come from. A lot of people look at me and say, “You don’t look hispanic” “What are you? Italian? German? Polish?” and I always proudly say “I’m Argentinian” and the best part is when they say “OH!!! now I see it!” I love when people ask me where I am from because then I can tell them with pride. What I also love is when people ask me to talk castellano (spanish) so they can here my Argentinian/ Uruguayan accent (same accent). I am just a (almost) 18 year old female, in love with where she comes from. I am excited to grow up and move to Argentina and live my life there. I can’t wait to go home ❤

I hope you enjoyed this small rant(not really a rant)/venting post! I would love to know if anyone else feels the same way about a certain country! Please feel free to leave a comment below telling me or if you just want to chat! I love you all and thanks for al of your support.

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Stay happy and beautiful ❤

Beauty Products!!! HELP OUT! (For Beauty Blogs)


Okay guys, I need help!!!!! Lately i’ve been getting really bored of the current make up I use today. I have so much makeup but its not even satisfying me anymore. I use to love putting on makeup and feeling all pretty for myself but lately, I don’t feel that way after I finish. People always tell me not to wear makeup because I look a lot better without it but I just love makeup so much and it makes me feel amazing. The reasons I give to those people are

  1. It’s an ego booster – if you feel good, you look good and makeup MAKES EVERYONE LOOK AMAZING!!!
  2. Its quick and so easy – Having a simple makeup routine takes about 5-10 minutes!
  3. It prefects the skin – Ever feel insecure about you skin? Well don’t be afraid to throw on a little foundation to help you out. Confidence is MAJOR!
  4. It PROTECTS the skin – Yes, this is correct. So many foundations protect the skin from sun damage. YES, because it carries SPF in it!!!!
  5. It enhances your features – If makeup is used correctly, it will have the power to really bring out your features. It all depends on how you use it.
  6. IT’S FUN – Makeup, to me, is so much fun to put on. I love getting new makeup and using it.
  7. Experimenting – You can experiment and see what other looks look great on you!

If you love makeup, WEAR IT! If makeup makes you feel comfortable, FLAUNT IT! If makeup makes you happy, BY ALL OF IT AND TELL IT TO THE WORLD!!!

So, my questions for you guys is, What makeup have you been loving lately? What looks have you been trying out? What products cant you LIVE without? What would you recommend me? Please leave me a comment telling me all of this my loves. I would really love to get feedback from everyone and tell me about the do’s and dont’s!

My appearance (to help you guys out) – Brown eyes, blonde hair, FARE skin!!!

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Tips On High School & Graduation (For All Blogs)


hat tossing ceremony at graduation

Yesterday, June 4th, 2016, was my high school graduation. I never honestly thought that day would come. It finally hit me that I am no longer a child anymore. Everyday, I am getting closer and closer into living in the adult world. What I mean by that is working, making money, paying for gas, paying rent, etc. It’s no longer going to class and taking a nap (like I did sometimes), no more going to the cafeteria in between classes to get a quick snack or asking to go the bathroom during class while you were actually going to the caff to hangout with friends, no more slacking off or letting your grades slip for a little while. The real world doesn’t accept that because we are now see as responsible, mature adults.

What I learned from high school was something that will stick with me forever.

People come and go. Even the people you’ve been friends with since middle school.

People will do whatever to be noticed by others even if it involves leaving their other, real friends behind.

You will be hurt but move on. Forgive and forget is the only way to get over something and move on.

You will meet people who aren’t real towards you and may use you for things. Don’y pay any attention to it after the damage is done. Like I said before, move on and let the universe take control.

Join school clubs or sports, I promise it will be worth your while. For myself, that is one of the biggest regrets because I look back and wish I had the guts to go to try outs. ALSO TRY OUT FOR SCHOOL PLAYS!!!

Don’t be the fake person in the group. No one likes those people.

Be nice to everyone even those weird kids. Be the person that everyone loves because of your kindness.

LAST OF ALL, go to the school you know you will love and feel comfortable in. Don’t go to the school that all of your friends is going to. For me, I transferred to a huge school that all my friends went to. Sure I made loads of friends but none of them sticked by me and I lost all those friends. I loved it but at times I wasn’t happy and I didn’t feel uncomfortable. Of course I met amazing people that I adore but go to a high school that you really want to go to.

Stay happy and beautiful ❤ -Christina

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66 Fun Things to do Over Summer Vacation (For All Bloggers)


Summer is so much fun if you are out and about doing fun things with friends, family or even alone. Here are 72 things that can be done over summer vacation to make this summer the best one yet:

  1. Go to a free music festival.
  2. Catch fireflies.
  3. Do a walking tour of your city.
  4. Pick strawberries.
  5. Go stargazing on a warm Summer night.
  6. Set up a lemonade stand with friends.
  7. Blow bubbles.
  8. Make any flavor popsicles
  9. Wash your car. (fun if done with other people)
  10. Pick wildflowers and make a beautiful bouquet!
  11. Take a road trip to the nearest beach or lake.
  12. Ride a bike around town.
  13. Go canoeing.
  14. Visit relatives on a roadtrip
  15. Throw a BBQ for friends and family.
  16. Take a day hiking trip.
  17. Attend a parade.
  18. Play minigolf.
  19. Go camping.
  20. Fly a kite at the park.
  21. Take a walk with your dog (if you have one)
  22. Pack a picnic and head over to the nearest park.
  23. Go fishing.
  24. Visit a free museum.
  25. Take photographs in nature of nature.
  26. Go to the zoo.
  27. Read a book that will entertain you on a porch swing.
  28. Go to the drive-in movies.
  29. Play soccer.
  30. Skip rocks at a pond.
  31. Have a yard sale.
  32. Go swimming.
  33. Go to a baseball game.
  34. Relax on a hammock.
  35. Plan your next vacation.
  36. Do some gardening.
  37. Go to a petting zoo.
  38. Have a water balloon fight.
  39. Have a paint fight.
  40. Plant a tree in your community.
  41. Start a collection of things from nature.
  42. Play in the sprinkler.
  43. Make tie-dyed t-shirts.
  44. Make DIY crafts with sea shells from the beach.
  45. Be a camp counselor.
  46. Go water skiing or jet skiing
  47. Make a slip and slide in your yard.
  48. Lay on the grass and find fun shapes in the clouds.
  49. Play a game of capture the flag.
  50. Catch butterflies.
  51. Camp in your backyard.
  52. Build a sandcastle.
  53. Watch fireworks.
  54. People watch. (Always fun)
  55. Give yourself a day to do activites alone.
  56. Pamper yourself
  57. Ride a roller coaster.
  58. Collect seashells.
  59. Make your own insect repellant jars.
  60. Buy ice cream from a truck.
  61. Make your own flavored ice cream.
  62. Watch the sunset over water.
  63. Dance in the rain.
  64. Pick fresh fruit from your local market.
  65. Have a pool party
  66. Make wishes on stars.

Vamos Argentina !


La Copa America ya empieza en seis dias y yo estoy muy nerviosa y emocionada! Esta vez, tengo confia en la seleccion de Argentina. Pongan pillas chicos! Vamos Argentina Carajo!!! Esta copa es nuestra!


The Cup America is right around the corner and it begins in six days! I am extremely emotional about this. This time i have so much faith in my time and I’m confident that they will get far! Lets go boys, you got this! Let’s go Argentina!!!

Positive attitudes (For all blogs)


Having positive attitudes can determine how your day will go. I notice how if I wake up grumpy and in a bad mood, my day goes horrible. If I wake up well-rested and happy, my day goes fantastic. It all depends on that first mood when you wake up in the morning. Being positive towards every situation in life can really have an amazing outcome.

A positive mindset can help you in various way such as:

  • Expecting to be successful and not failing.
  • Making you feel motivated and inspired.
  • It gives you the power and strength to never give up, if you are facing obstacles.
  • It makes you notice all the failures and problems as blessings in disguise.
  • Giving you the blessing of believing in yourself and in the abilities you are capable of.
  • Helps you to allow yourself to show your self-esteem and confidence.
  • You look for answers and solutions rather than pushing the situation to the side.
  • You see and recognize opportunities.


Positive attitude manifests in the following ways:

  • Positive thinking.
  • Constructive thinking.
  • Creative thinking.
  • Confidence.
  • Motivation and energy to do things and accomplish goals.
  • An attitude of happiness.