About Me

An (almost) 18 year old girl with big dreams. Born and raised in NYC with an Argentinian mother and an Uruguayan father. I take a lot of pride in my ethnic background and the love i have for these countries is a love like no other. I plan on moving to Argentina in my later years and starting a family there (but that’s waaaaay later in life!!!) Right now, I am trying to focus on my career in life and the path I am going to choose now that I finally graduated from high school. I love interior design, traveling, photography and helping others in whatever way I can, and i’m hoping my future career involves all those 4 things. I’m still young and i’m not as experienced, but I will do whatever it takes to fulfill my desires and turn all my hopes and dreams into a reality! I made this blog to inspire and to help out others who are struggling to find their path in life because i’ve been in those shoes and although i am only 18, I know what it feels like to feel lost. So, i hope you can support me and follow me on this journey to success!