Tips On High School & Graduation (For All Blogs)


hat tossing ceremony at graduation

Yesterday, June 4th, 2016, was my high school graduation. I never honestly thought that day would come. It finally hit me that I am no longer a child anymore. Everyday, I am getting closer and closer into living in the adult world. What I mean by that is working, making money, paying for gas, paying rent, etc. It’s no longer going to class and taking a nap (like I did sometimes), no more going to the cafeteria in between classes to get a quick snack or asking to go the bathroom during class while you were actually going to the caff to hangout with friends, no more slacking off or letting your grades slip for a little while. The real world doesn’t accept that because we are now see as responsible, mature adults.

What I learned from high school was something that will stick with me forever.

People come and go. Even the people you’ve been friends with since middle school.

People will do whatever to be noticed by others even if it involves leaving their other, real friends behind.

You will be hurt but move on. Forgive and forget is the only way to get over something and move on.

You will meet people who aren’t real towards you and may use you for things. Don’y pay any attention to it after the damage is done. Like I said before, move on and let the universe take control.

Join school clubs or sports, I promise it will be worth your while. For myself, that is one of the biggest regrets because I look back and wish I had the guts to go to try outs. ALSO TRY OUT FOR SCHOOL PLAYS!!!

Don’t be the fake person in the group. No one likes those people.

Be nice to everyone even those weird kids. Be the person that everyone loves because of your kindness.

LAST OF ALL, go to the school you know you will love and feel comfortable in. Don’t go to the school that all of your friends is going to. For me, I transferred to a huge school that all my friends went to. Sure I made loads of friends but none of them sticked by me and I lost all those friends. I loved it but at times I wasn’t happy and I didn’t feel uncomfortable. Of course I met amazing people that I adore but go to a high school that you really want to go to.

Stay happy and beautiful ❤ -Christina


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