Feeling a bit homesick! (For all blogs)


I was born and raised in NYC, the capital of the world, how more blessed can i get?!?! Well yes, I got more blessed by having an Argentinian/Uruguayan background. Even though I wasn’t born in Argentina, I consider it my home. My father is Uruguayo (literally right next to Argentina and share all the same customs) and my mother is from Argentina. Sometimes i get jealous that they were born/raised there and I didn’t have the chance to be born or raised there. I love Uruguay as much as I love Argentina, but I feel as if I have a stronger attachment to ARG. I’m not sure why, but I am very emotionally connected to this country. I always catch myself day dreaming about living there and raising my family in Argentina when I get older. I absolutely love everything about Argentina: our people, our food, our accents, our pride, our futbol team, EVERYTHING!!!

It’s confusing to me because I wasn’t born there but I am obsessed with this country. I honestly consider it home and when I think of my future I think about Argentina. As a child, my parents raised us like Argentinian, Uruguayan children and how children would be raised there. As I got older, my love for these countries grew more and more. I have so much pride in where I come from. A lot of people look at me and say, “You don’t look hispanic” “What are you? Italian? German? Polish?” and I always proudly say “I’m Argentinian” and the best part is when they say “OH!!! now I see it!” I love when people ask me where I am from because then I can tell them with pride. What I also love is when people ask me to talk castellano (spanish) so they can here my Argentinian/ Uruguayan accent (same accent). I am just a (almost) 18 year old female, in love with where she comes from. I am excited to grow up and move to Argentina and live my life there. I can’t wait to go home ❤

I hope you enjoyed this small rant(not really a rant)/venting post! I would love to know if anyone else feels the same way about a certain country! Please feel free to leave a comment below telling me or if you just want to chat! I love you all and thanks for al of your support.

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Stay happy and beautiful ❤


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