66 Fun Things to do Over Summer Vacation (For All Bloggers)


Summer is so much fun if you are out and about doing fun things with friends, family or even alone. Here are 72 things that can be done over summer vacation to make this summer the best one yet:

  1. Go to a free music festival.
  2. Catch fireflies.
  3. Do a walking tour of your city.
  4. Pick strawberries.
  5. Go stargazing on a warm Summer night.
  6. Set up a lemonade stand with friends.
  7. Blow bubbles.
  8. Make any flavor popsicles
  9. Wash your car. (fun if done with other people)
  10. Pick wildflowers and make a beautiful bouquet!
  11. Take a road trip to the nearest beach or lake.
  12. Ride a bike around town.
  13. Go canoeing.
  14. Visit relatives on a roadtrip
  15. Throw a BBQ for friends and family.
  16. Take a day hiking trip.
  17. Attend a parade.
  18. Play minigolf.
  19. Go camping.
  20. Fly a kite at the park.
  21. Take a walk with your dog (if you have one)
  22. Pack a picnic and head over to the nearest park.
  23. Go fishing.
  24. Visit a free museum.
  25. Take photographs in nature of nature.
  26. Go to the zoo.
  27. Read a book that will entertain you on a porch swing.
  28. Go to the drive-in movies.
  29. Play soccer.
  30. Skip rocks at a pond.
  31. Have a yard sale.
  32. Go swimming.
  33. Go to a baseball game.
  34. Relax on a hammock.
  35. Plan your next vacation.
  36. Do some gardening.
  37. Go to a petting zoo.
  38. Have a water balloon fight.
  39. Have a paint fight.
  40. Plant a tree in your community.
  41. Start a collection of things from nature.
  42. Play in the sprinkler.
  43. Make tie-dyed t-shirts.
  44. Make DIY crafts with sea shells from the beach.
  45. Be a camp counselor.
  46. Go water skiing or jet skiing
  47. Make a slip and slide in your yard.
  48. Lay on the grass and find fun shapes in the clouds.
  49. Play a game of capture the flag.
  50. Catch butterflies.
  51. Camp in your backyard.
  52. Build a sandcastle.
  53. Watch fireworks.
  54. People watch. (Always fun)
  55. Give yourself a day to do activites alone.
  56. Pamper yourself
  57. Ride a roller coaster.
  58. Collect seashells.
  59. Make your own insect repellant jars.
  60. Buy ice cream from a truck.
  61. Make your own flavored ice cream.
  62. Watch the sunset over water.
  63. Dance in the rain.
  64. Pick fresh fruit from your local market.
  65. Have a pool party
  66. Make wishes on stars.

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