Random Thoughts (Vent/Rant)


It’s a quarter to 9 on a friday night and I am home sitting on the couch in the living room next to my dog, Rocky. Right next to me is someone that I like to call my second mother. A woman who helped my mom raise me. She is Colombian and we are currently watching the Colombia vs. Peru (Copa America Centenario). I notice how every time I glance over at her she is biting on her nails because of the nerves due to the game and I laugh because that is me when Argentina play (AKA will be me tomorrow because Argentina vs. Venezuela) She keeps switching the channels from the game to her novela (soap opera) Anyways, the score is 0-0 and its half time. I think they will go to penalties but who knows. Anyways, as I am sitting down on my couch, creating this post, I realize how truly blessed I am to have what I have. A house. Shelter. A place that protects me. I always complain about small things that later on piss me off when I remember them such as having “nothing good to eat” or “there is nothing to do”. There are people somewhere in this world who literally have no food at all and I am here complaining about not having anything GOOD to eat while there are hundreds of food options in front of me. Or when I am bored I don’t realize that I have a huge family living inside of my household that can entertain me, a computer I can use to write on my blog, a TV I can turn on at whatever time of the day and watch my favorite show,  a backyard with many activities to do, a treadmill I can use to lose weight, etc. The truth is I have to realize all that I have and all my blessings because It can all be gone by tomorrow.2750dfd70bbdd56d17b486bad143ee97-580x580

Of course I am not the wealthiest, BUT I do have everything I want and need and I couldn’t have asked for a better life. I hope one day, people in poor countries won’t have to wonder what it would be like and wish for water, food, clothing or shelter. It breaks my heart to think people live like that. People shouldn’t have to beg for things that we should all have. One day, I hope to travel to a poor country and help out. I feel like that is what should be done. It angers me that people like Donald Trump or Mayor Bloomberg, people who are filthy rich, people who don’t even need half of the money they have, don’t help out people who actually NEED IT.

Anyways, that was my rant/vent of the night.

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Stay happy and beautiful ❤


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