Beauty Products!!! HELP OUT! (For Beauty Blogs)


Okay guys, I need help!!!!! Lately i’ve been getting really bored of the current make up I use today. I have so much makeup but its not even satisfying me anymore. I use to love putting on makeup and feeling all pretty for myself but lately, I don’t feel that way after I finish. People always tell me not to wear makeup because I look a lot better without it but I just love makeup so much and it makes me feel amazing. The reasons I give to those people are

  1. It’s an ego booster – if you feel good, you look good and makeup MAKES EVERYONE LOOK AMAZING!!!
  2. Its quick and so easy – Having a simple makeup routine takes about 5-10 minutes!
  3. It prefects the skin – Ever feel insecure about you skin? Well don’t be afraid to throw on a little foundation to help you out. Confidence is MAJOR!
  4. It PROTECTS the skin – Yes, this is correct. So many foundations protect the skin from sun damage. YES, because it carries SPF in it!!!!
  5. It enhances your features – If makeup is used correctly, it will have the power to really bring out your features. It all depends on how you use it.
  6. IT’S FUN – Makeup, to me, is so much fun to put on. I love getting new makeup and using it.
  7. Experimenting – You can experiment and see what other looks look great on you!

If you love makeup, WEAR IT! If makeup makes you feel comfortable, FLAUNT IT! If makeup makes you happy, BY ALL OF IT AND TELL IT TO THE WORLD!!!

So, my questions for you guys is, What makeup have you been loving lately? What looks have you been trying out? What products cant you LIVE without? What would you recommend me? Please leave me a comment telling me all of this my loves. I would really love to get feedback from everyone and tell me about the do’s and dont’s!

My appearance (to help you guys out) – Brown eyes, blonde hair, FARE skin!!!

Thank you all so very much. If you want to follow me all my social media is in the link below! Stay happy and beautiful!