A Love Letter To Argentina.

Dear Argentina,

I’m home sick today, which is part of the reason I’ve spent a lot of time writing drafts for my blog today. I pray every night that one day I will be able to live in your country. I know that one day it will happen and I hope that one day comes faster. You are my biggest happiness and my biggest heartbreak. Happiness because thinking of you makes me forget about the rest of the world and heartbreak because I remember I wasn’t born there. And although I wasn’t born there, I am still from there. Mom and dad always tell me we will go soon but money is tight. I am the proudest American/Argentinian alive and I can assure you that. I tell everyone with such pride and confidence that I come from your country when people ask me where I am from.


I am feeling a little heartbroken at the moment due to Argentina losing La Copa America Final. I can only imagine how the players are feeling. I am sad and I keep thinking about it. I keep thinking about what would’ve happened if we would have won and how we would’ve celebrated. It is a dream of mine to be alive to see Argentina bring home a cup, whether its a World Cup or Copa America Cup. I would love for the whole team to be victorious but in mostly would love to see Messi bring it home because he deserves it the most. The whole country deserves a win because we are the biggest and most passionate supporters out there.


Fuerza Argentina. La hinchada de Argentina es la mas grande de el mundo y  bancamos a la seleccion. Un dia vamos a traer la copa a Argentina. Nadie sabe el dolor como un Argentino porque siempre estamos sufriendo. En las buenas y en las malas, somos Argentina!! Mi corazon siempre va a ser celeste y blanco. Te re amo, Argentina.


-Love Always, Chris ❤


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